Is your name Warren?

IF YOUR name is Warren you may be able to trace your descent from Sir Edward Warren, son of the last Earl of Warren and Surrey. Sir Edward married Cicely, the daughter of Sir Nicholas de Eton of Poynton and Stockport and, as his heiress, she brought lands in Cheshire into the Warren family.

Sir Edward, who died about 1369 was succeeded by his son Sir John of Poynton and Stockport who married the heiress of Sir John de Stafford. Their son Nicholas, was father of Sir Lawrence who was called upon for the defence of the kingdom by Henry V and is said to have served in France. His eldest son John married Isabel Stanley of Lathom and died in 1474.

Lawrence Warren was succeeded by his grandson John of Poynton who was knighted at Ripon in 1487 having married Eleanor Gerard of Bryn seven years earlier.

Their grandson Edward was one of the many Cheshire squires knighted at Leith in 1544 by the Earl of Hertford. During his grandfather's lifetime, Edward married Dorothy, daughter of Sir William Booth of Dunham Massey. He was probably the builder of Poynton Hall. He died in 1558 having disinherited his eldest son Francis the previous year.

John, the second son, was Sheriff of Cheshire in 1577 and his son Edward, in turn, was Sheriff in 1598 and was knighted in Ireland in the following year. He died in 1609 and was succeeded by his son, John.
This John’s son was another Edward, known as ‘Stag’ Warren on account of his size and strength. He was a royalist and although he took no active part in the Civil War his estates were sequestered, though he subsequently received a pardon on payment of a fine of £650.

‘Stag’ Warren died in 1687 and was buried at Stockport. His son was created a judge and purchased Millgate Hall, Stockport. Judge John Warren died in 1705 and his son Edward succeeded. He married Dorothy, heiress of John Talbot of Salesbury, near Blackburn. Their second son Edward became High Sheriff of Cheshire in 1731.