The Done Family of Cheshire
New book from South Africa explores the Master Foresters of Delamere

"The Done Family of Cheshire" by Martin Done MA (Cantab); 128 pp, 48 maps and illustrations; available in hardcover "Heritage" edition.

A detailed account of the lives and fortunes of 16 generations of the Done Family of Cheshire from Richard de Donne (1190-1240) to Mary Done (1604-1690).

As Master Foresters of Delamere, Commanders of the famed Cheshire Archers, Knights of the Shire and Sheriffs and Constables of Chester, they played an important role in the history of Cheshire and of England during the 500 years from the Early Middle Ages to the Glorious Revolution of 1688.

The book provides a fascinating look at life under the strict feudal system of Medieval England and the military exploits of the Dones during the great battles of the Age of Chivalry, such as Crecy (1346), Agincourt (1415) and the Wars of the Roses (1455-1485).

Family Trees from the first ancestor to the present day, covering 28 generations, are included.
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